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How can I stay motivated about exercising?

Posted on January 6, 2018 at 12:35 PM

How can I stay motivated about exercising?

The longer you stick with an exercise program, the more likely it will become a permanent part of your lifestyle. Unfortunately, 50 percent of all people who start a program drop out within six months. Here are some ways you can stay motivated:

• Set goals. Make them realistic and attainable. Create a plan to achieve them.

• Exercise for yourself, not someone else. For you to be successful, your motivation must come from within.

• Don't do too much, too soon. Start with a simple, low-intensity, balanced program that you perform three days a week. Combine stretching and flexibility exercises with aerobic activity. As you build endurance and stamina, start increasing your program's duration and frequency. Experts recommend getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least three to four times a week.

• Make exercise convenient. Studies have shown that people who must drive eight miles or more to an exercise facility are less likely to stick with a program. So, exercise close to work or home.

• Work out with family or friends. Working out with someone you like will make you less prone to skip your workouts.

• Choose enjoyable, varied activities that you can alternate throughout the week.

• Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Find ways to increase your activity level during the day; e.g., walk up stairs instead of using an elevator.

• Challenge yourself. Compete with yourself to attain your own personal best.

• Think long-term. Periodically assess your program's benefits. Once you reach your goals, create additional ones.

• Reward yourself. Give yourself a non-food treat -- such as a day of pampering or tickets to a professional ball game for achieving a goal.

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